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Network Deployment & Services

Real Estate Services

Site acquisition is the foundation upon which successful projects are built. Our policy is to operate with the highest ethics and integrity to deliver with a standard of quality that exceeds customers' expectations.

Our site acquisition professionals possess a total of 100 years of site acquisition and leasing experience and manage real estate services for thousands of telecom projects. Our staff will identify the best candidates in order to procure optimal sites with the most favorable lease terms.

Each member of our team brings experience in:

  • Standard carrier and utility processes
  • Jurisdictional Zoning & Permitting
  • Environmental Due Diligence and
  • Regulatory Clearances

In 2010, MasTec Network Solutions developed of a strong self-performing site acquisition group (SPSAG). Since 2010 MasTec Network Solutions has self-performed over 70% of our awarded sites completing over 3,000 sites in all types of projects including new site build, site modification, ETTCS/FTTCS, DAS and Small Cells.

MasTec Network Solutions self-performing site acquisition services offerings include the following for new site builds and, where applicable, lease modifications:

  • site acquisition program management,
  • search ring analysis,
  • candidate selection,
  • lease review,
  • tower company application submittal and processing,
  • lease negotiations and amendment processing,
  • legal package preparation and approval,
  • coordination of site entry & testing,
  • coordination of architectural and engineering studies and drawings,
  • zoning & permitting approvals,
  • environmental studies (NEPA, SHIPO, THIPO) and
  • regulatory compliance coordination

Our team implements strategies that generate cost savings through a system of checks and balances in real-time scenarios customized to track our customers' needs.

Data / Fiber Optic Cabling & Installation

MasTec Network Solutions has substantially supported the fiber optic network cross-continental expansion in offering our customers local and long distance voice services, high speed data, WiFi networks, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), video and internet services.

Our personnel are highly technically skilled professionals, individually selected to meet the evolving needs of our customers and the industry. We are certified by virtually every data/fiber optic manufacturer in the telecommunications industry.

Our services offer installation and testing of data and fiber optic cabling – including patch panels, cross-connects, multiplexers and DACS. Other cabling and installation services include:

  • Point-to-Point, Star, Ring, Logical Bus
  • Homeland Security Systems
  • Government & Military Base Surveillance
  • Data Control & Conferencing
  • Multi-mode and Single-mode System Deployment
  • Outdoor & Indoor Cable Splicing (mechanical and fusion)
  • Cable Connectorization (FC/PC, D4, SMA, ST, and SC)
  • Building Distribution
  • Jumper & Pigtails
  • Cable System Planning
  • Cable Installation & Testing (reflection & attenuation)
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) Testing
  • Logical vs Physical Topology Design

Switch / Central Office

MasTec Network solutions services Transport ADSL And Optical Switching Equipment In Central Offices DWDM, CPE Locations, Cell Sites And RTs.

  • EF&I
    • Engineering (E)
      • Site Surveys
      • Competitive Quotes
      • SOW documentation
      • Determine site specific materials required
      • Work with end customer to determine site requirements including:
        • Floor plans
        • Space allocation
        • MOPs, Scripts, & Site Specification documentation
        • Red Lines of work accomplished
    • Furnish (F)
      • Order key site specific materials directly to site or a staging area.
      • Order and maintain miscellaneous materials required by crews.
      • Manage material orders and deliveries to site or staging area.
      • Provide a MOP for approval prior to any work performed when required.
      • Work with end client to update Scripts and Site Specifications and distribute them to work crews & management.
      • Provide specific tools and test equipment as required by SOW.
      • Provide pre-installation and testing at staging areas prior to delivery to sites.
    • Installation (I)
      • Fully trained and experienced professional installers for CO and/or remote locations nationwide.
      • All installation crews will provide quality and timely installations, while maintaining a safe and secure work environment.
      • Able to handle multiple projects of any scale nationwide, or with multiple end customers for suppliers.
      • Assist with end customer contacts to verify site readiness and any special requirements.
      • All required closure documentation will be provided in a package to Vendor PM's for transition to integration of site.
  • Test, Integration
  • Equipment Removals
  • Staging
  • Logistics Management
  • Project Management

Equipment, Installation & Commissioning

Microwave, Cellular, Optic Transport, Colo and Data Center
We keep our personnel current on evolving technologies by working continuously with equipment manufacturers to update our certification and installation techniques.

We specialize in installation, de-installation and commissioning of wireless and wireline communication systems. We provide DC power systems, enable multi-media transmission systems and create the support infrastructure for new and existing sites through the following:

  • Procurement & Equipment Identification
  • Warehousing & Inventory Control
  • Delivery to Site
  • Sweep testing
  • Commissioning
  • Optimization
  • Integration
  • Maintenance
  • Generating Configuration databases
  • Network Management Systems
  • Battery & Rectifier Systems
  • Training
  • System Support
  • Equipment Maintenance & Assembly

Project Management

At MasTec Network Solutions our infrastructure management team:

  • Reduces "time-to-market" & "cost-of-entry-into-market" by ensuring accuracy of scheduling
  • Identifies superior resources & precise logistics management
  • Utilizes historical and predictive analysis to develop trends and elimination of errors
  • Enables MasTec Network Solutions' "Zero Defects Program" ensuring superior network performance
  • Designed tool, Nsite that provides end-to-end project visibility for both MNS Project Managers and their customers
  • Provides the highest level of quality in the industry

Civil Construction

Our construction division employs the most experienced construction professionals in the telecommunications infrastructure industry, geographically positioned to support our growing customer base. From turnkey tower construction to rooftop installations, ethernet and fiber wiring, our construction division can perform any site deployment efficiency and cost effectively. Our services include:

  • Preparation of construction specifications
  • Cost & schedule management
  • Foundation & concrete management
  • Structural testing of foundations
  • Site analysis and preparation inspections
  • Building & tower foundation
  • Antenna & lines deployment
  • Supervise shelter delivery & setting
  • Grounding installation & testing
  • Site landscaping
  • Access & road construction
  • Tenant improvements
  • Fencing & security systems
  • Electrical services
  • Generator placement
  • Trenching & conduit installation


As sites become more complex and electronics are installed at RAD centers, maintenance is the key to achieving high network availability and providing competitive advantages.

Effective maintenance begins with the framing of objectives and its acceptance criteria. Planned preventative maintenance and system monitoring are imperative. MasTec Network Solutions' service portfolio enables our customer to focus on the core of their business.

The MasTec Network Solutions maintenance program offers visibility into the status of every single site in the nation from anywhere - anytime. Our specialized technicians are ready to respond to any and all maintenance needs, including:

  • Alarm monitoring
  • Site access management
  • Generator refueling
  • Fuel delivery
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • Pest Control
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Battery Maintenance
  • Tower Inspections
  • Tower-top troubleshooting & replacement
  • Shelter/Cabinet equipment troubleshooting & repair

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