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A partnership with committed vendors and suppliers is just good business.

Supplier and Contractor Portal

It is more than just a relationship between supplier and vendor - it is a relationship between business allies.

Welcome to the Supplier and Contractor Portal; a secure site for company registration and accessing eProcurement capabilities for MasTec Network Solutions, LLC. This site provides information to our Procurement and Contract personnel worldwide with the most current information to source supplies and services. If you supply materials or provide services that we are likely to purchase then we invite you to register your company and update that information frequently. The more complete and current your company's information is in our global database the better visibility your company has with our projects.

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Why Register?

Registering records your company in our supplier/contractor database and provides visibility for your company to Procurement professionals working on all our global projects. By registering, you are given the opportunity to provide information and upload qualification documents about your company for consideration by our buyers. In addition, you are provided the ability to search for specific active projects and express your company’s interest and value proposition in a report that is sent directly to the project team.

Your registration login credentials (email and password) will also be used to access bid packages on-line via our eRFP website if you receive an invitation to bid.

If a MasTec Network Solutions, LLC project is a previous or current customer of your company, we have provided performance and market share metrics as a result of these engagements. If MasTec Network Solutions, LLC is a new prospect for your company, we recommend you contact the Corporate Vendor Management Organization on how best to do business with our organization.

Registered contractors and suppliers are also provided special alerts such as new project opportunities and current MasTec Network Solutions, LLC Procurement news items.

A Professional Vendor Management Organization

The overall plan called for the development and launch of a professional Vendor Management Organization (VMO) as part of the strategic alignment of People, Processes and Tools required to properly support MasTec Network Solutions, LLC ‘s fast paced growth and expansion plans at the market level.

Per industry Best Practices, our Corporate VMO has been chartered with the complete day-to-day contractual oversight and management of our material suppliers and vendor partners based on behalf of the entire MNS group of companies. These resources include:

  • Construction Vendors
  • Professional Services Vendors
  • Materials Suppliers