End to End Network Deployment and Assurance

MasTec Network Solutions (MNS) is a division of MasTec that provides comprehensive services and turnkey solutions for Telecom operators. With the acquisition of QuadGen wireless, MNS is uniquely positioned to offer true and unmatched end to end services to our customers for planning, design, SAQ, construction, material management, integration & RAN Optimization services for 5G, LTE, private LTE and small cells. The telecommunications industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the global marketplace today. Consumer demand, technological advances, and new networking applications continue to fuel a fast-paced business environment. A wholly-owned subsidiary of MasTec, Inc. (stock symbol: MTZ), MNS is a telecommunications infrastructure services company that is well positioned to outmatch the demands of this type of business climate.


Formerly known in the marketplace as nsoro MasTec, Optima Network Services, Camcom, MasTec Network Services, Dynamic Tower Services, Data Cell Systems DYNIS, and QuadGen Wireless Solutions.