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Microwave Engineering

MasTec Network Solutions has the in-house experience to deliver all types of services relating to microwave backhaul networks.

Radio Engineering Services

The team includes only the most experienced and qualified radio technicians available in the industry today. The foundation of the knowledge base of our radio techs is built on a vast array of OEMs including a variety of both unlicensed and licensed radios. Our techs possess certifications from several industry leading OEMs, and our engineers are also equipped with all of the latest testing equipment including spectrum analyzers, power meters, frequency counters, chart recorders, and BER test sets. Below is a list of the services that our Radio Techs provide our customers on a regular basis:

  • Radio Bench Testing
  • Rack & Radio Installation
  • Circuit / Traffic Integration
  • Preventive Maintenance & Optimization
  • Troubleshooting & Repair
  • SIAD Installation, Configuration & Commissioning

Antenna System Installation Services

Our COMTRAIN-certified installation crews are able to provide antenna and line (L&A) installation services on a broad range of antenna systems. All of our tower technicians complete customized tower climber safety, fall protection, and rescue programs before beginning their tenure. Experience for these crews includes the installation of licensed and unlicensed microwave paths utilizing antennas ranging from 2 ft–12 ft in diameter from a variety of manufacturers including Andrew and RFS. We also employ the use of the latest test equipment from XL Microwave & Anritsu for path alignment and sweep testing.

  • Antenna Installation
  • Waveguide / Coax Installation
  • Entry Port Installation
  • Waveguide Support Bridge (Ice Bridge)
  • Path Alignment
  • Sweep Testing

Microwave Project Engineering

In addition to in-field personnel, we also have a staff of in-house engineers that specialize in the following services:

  • Network Mapping using such programs as MapInfo and TopoUSA
  • Path Engineering using Pathloss 5.0 that includes Final Path Design & Report
  • Site Candidate & Donor Selection
  • FCC Licensing / Coordination
  • Vendor Selection & Ordering
  • FCC Regulatory Compliance / Microwave Site Audits: site surveys, display of link license documentation on site, coordinates verification, license status
  • Microwave Site Audits
  • Detailed Site Surveys
  • Elevated, Field-Verified LOS
  • Complete Life Cycle Project Management