Contractors & Suppliers

A partnership with committed vendors and suppliers is just good business.


Pre-Registration Process:

Thank you for taking the next step to becoming a prospective supplier or subcontractor for MasTec Network Solutions, LLC. When you pre-register through our portal, we will keep your company's capabilities/competencies in our database so when an opportunity becomes available, we can contact you to discuss new business opportunities and move forward to complete your company's onboarding and entry into our systems to receive work. We will work side by side with our business partners to continue to grow our businesses together. All information provided will be kept confidential.

During the Pre-Registration, you will be asked basic questions about your business including capabilities, numbers of employees, Diversity classification (if any) and your North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

Shortly after filling out the Pre-Registration and our review, you will receive a notification of your current status and may receive additional correspondence from Vendor Management regarding any other information that we may require of you and/or your organization.

MasTec Commitment to Supplier and Contractor Diversity:

It is MasTec's policy to ensure that any certified minority owned business enterprises have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in the performance of services. MasTec shall make a good faith effort to award opportunities to suppliers and subcontractors certified as Minority and/or Woman-Owned Business Enterprises, Disabled Veteran and Veteran Owned Business Enterprises, Disability Owned Business Enterprises, and LGBTQ+ Business Enterprises.

We identify and track businesses with diversity qualifications and we encourage businesses to complete diversity applications if they are not registered.

MasTec Diverse Spend Commitment:

Our focus is to expand and maximize utilization of our network of certified diverse vendors which will drive competitive business advantages for those vendors, MasTec's customers, and MasTec.

Identify opportunities to purchase capital equipment, fuel, consumable materials, small tools, maintenance services, safety supplies, etc. from certified diverse companies.

Further develop methods to proactively attract, recruit, onboard and contract certified diverse vendors.