1929   Burnup & Sims was formed, a construction company serving the growing telecommunications and civil construction market in Florida.
1969   Jorge Mas Canosa joined Church & Tower, an underground utility construction firm and recognized the company played a vital role in South Florida’s need for reliable telecommunications infrastructure.
1971   Jorge Mas Canosa acquired the Church & Tower business - he later brought his sons, Jorge Mas Santos and Jose Mas Santos into the business.
1994   Under Jorge Mas Canosa’s guidance, Burnup & Sims and Church & Tower became one company.
1994   Jorge Mas Santos became the company’s president, his father became chairman, and the name was changed to MasTec.
2003   nsoro was founded by Darrell Mays, a telecommunications visionary with over 20 years of industry experience.
2005   nsoro signed a master supplier’s agreement with Cingular Wireless and Verizon Wireless.
2007   Jose Mas Santos was appointed CEO.
2008   nsoro was acquired by MasTec, Inc. became: nsoro MasTec, now operating as MasTec Network Solutions.
2010   nsoro MasTec acquired a construction services company in Belmont, NC – operating as MasTec Wireless Services, a division on nsoro MasTec (MWS)
2011   nsoro MasTec acquired Cam Communications, a wire lined company based out of Chantilly, VA. Also, acquired Optima Network Solutions, a microwave construction company based out of Chino, Ca.
2012   nsoro MasTec; Cam Communications, Optima Network Solutions and MasTec Network Services all becomes MasTec Network Solutions.