Contractors & Suppliers

A partnership with committed vendors and suppliers is just good business.

What We Purchase

We pride ourselves on the knowledge, skill, experience, and customer commitment our relationships with suppliers and contractors bring to every project.

Our industry continually evolves and it is imperative that we persistently seek new sources of goods and services to meet the demands of our customers and their respective projects.

We acquire goods and services for projects in support of fast track construction of world class projects. Our Acquisition Strategy leverages the best technologies, world class products, world class contractors, and local content to deliver an optimized supply base for each project and customer. We work with qualified suppliers and contractors who perform with our quality expectations in mind. We strive to give fair and equal treatment to all, ensuring a level field of competition to the highest ethical standards in the industry. We seek professional organizations that can meet these ideals and grow their competence jointly on projects. Finally, technology allows us to leverage our work processes, knowledge, and supply chain relationships; we expect our suppliers and contractors to support the way we work.